Guest Judge September 2014- Ginger Unzueta

We are so excited to announce this month’s guest judge for our Facebook Favorite 15 photo challenge! When we thought of who would be perfect for this month, Ginger Unzueta of Ginger Unzueta Photography came to mind immediately! Capturing emotion in photos is no easy task, but Ginger manages to do this while also impacting your soul with real life moments. Ginger has a knack for capturing her subjects in their truest form; showing us their genuine expressions and personality through a fleeting moment. We have posted a few here for you to enjoy but please be sure to stop by her page and look at more of her breathtaking work.

Our theme this month is “Everyday Beauty” and Ginger will select 15 of her favorite submissions. Knowing the heart of Ginger Unzueta, she will want to select all!

Hello and welcome lovely Ginger!by the light ginger

Tell us a little about you and when your photography journey began?

Hi there. I am Ginger. I am a Christ follower.  I am a wife to a man who completes me. I am a homeschooling mama to three children who have changed my heart forever.

I’ve always loved pictures and have always had a camera. Like many other mothers, my children really ignited the passion in ways I hadn’t known before. I wanted to tell their story and to tell it in a beautiful way.  In addition, my husband is a U.S. Marine and is often gone on deployments.  I became passionate about capturing the everyday of my family so that my husband could relive these special moments through our pictures and stories.  He continues to tell me that our pictures are such gifts to him.

There is beauty to be found in every day. I feel that God has given me this gift and passion for His glory. I pray that I will honor Him in all I do.

by the light ginger unzueta 16by the light ginger unzueta15

by the light ginger unzueta 15

If you could express your vision into words, what would they be? 

Honest, intimate, sincere.

by the light ginger unzueta 14by the light ginger unzueta 13by the light ginger unzueta 12

Photoshop or Lightroom? 


by the light ginger unzueta 9by the light ginger unzueta 8

Favorite type of light to shoot in ?

Golden hour is my most favorite time to shoot as I love sun flare and warmth. Indoor, dramatic lighting, is a close second.  I love shadow and depth in my images. With all of this said, I have learned to embrace midday lighting as well. I love capturing the deep blue skies and clouds during this time. Life with children happens at all times of the days; therefore, it is such a gift to be able to capture the light at any time.

by the light ginger unzueta 4

by the light ginger unzueta 2by the light ginger unzueta 1

Have you ever found yourself in a creative slump, and if so, what did/do you do to recover?

Spending time outdoors and by the water helps me to feel inspired.  I also love to read.  I feel like the more I slow down and live a less hectic lifestyle, the more beauty I see.

by the light ginger 6by the light ginger 5by the light ginger 3

by the light ginger 1

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