Guest Judge April 2014-Candice Zugich

We are so pleased to announce our first guest judge here at By the Light, Candice from Blissful Maven Photography¬†! We love her use of natural light in all of her work, she is truly a maven in every sense of the word. Her images are timeless, the kind that don’t leave you for a long time after seeing them. To say she is inspiring is an understatement, we just adore her! I can’t wait to see what she chooses as her favorites for this month!


-Tell us a little about you and when your photography journey began.

My journey began after the birth of my second child, December 2012. I was having such a hard time with my first growing up I knew I need to capture every moment I could. I said one day, I wish I had a photographer follow me everywhere I go. Then I realized I could be that photographer if I learned. I threw myself into it.! I lived and breathed photography. I made goals for myself and met everyone. I tried every genre and learned what I loved and what I didn’t like. I followed my heart and I just ” Let it go” <3 I took class after class..I just absorbed everything I could.


-If you could express your vision into words, what would they be?

Well I hope that what I envision is what others see, other wise I’m not doing good enough. But I hope that others see passion, emotion, realness from my work. All I want to do is show you all honesty, in my life and in others.


-Tell us why as an artist, natural light photography is your favorite.

Finding the right light at the right time, There’s nothing like it. Natural light takes time …its like being a bird watcher. Your waiting to find the rare exotic bird, you wait all night and day for the right moment when you can just get a glimpse of it, and when you do its spell bounding. The light just makes everything in a photo. You can make anything look amazing with beautiful natural light. It takes time to master it, but when you do you will have found the key to a magical photo.DSC_4241

-Photoshop or Lightroom?

Both actually but more Lightroom for me.


Favorite Master of Photography and why.

Oh wow there’s so many but for me now in the moment and the things I have been dealing with lately with the controversy with my work, would be Sally Mann. She’s honest, raw and spell binding. She makes me want to know her. Her use of light was extraordinary. To the average person it looked like she didn’t use much different types of light, but actually it was her lack of light that amazes me. she used light to express the emotion of the moment and to me that spoke volumes.



-When you find yourself in creative ruts, how do you recover?

This honestly happens to me one a month haha. I put my camera down. I take a break, or I do another hobby that gets my other creative juices flowing. Going for a walk helps. How do I recover? I just do, and so will you. You just have to walk away for a bit.

BBP_0662 ccWelcome Candice!

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