About Us

We are a group of photographers that began our friendships as students in Detra Pierotti’s “Finding the Light” workshop. We spent 6 weeks studying, sharing(and shooting!), and learning about all types of natural light. We hoped that by starting this collaborative it would allow us to continue our friendships, support, and inspiration, as well as witness each other’s progress in our study of light. We will be posting our latest work to the blog twice a month, using natural light techniques learned in the class.  We will be featuring past alumni that aren’t currently participating in this group, so be on the lookout for some major talent! Our facebook page is open for all to post your ‘weekly favorites’ each week with some type of natural light.  Please share so that we can learn from and be inspired by you too!

Suzie Ziemke

Holly Donovan 

Amy Nowak

Melissa Cliett Levesque

Jessie Arthur 

Jasmine Keath  

Camille Vaughan 

Jodi Glander Jones 

Janet Crouch 

Cate Wnek 

Sharmilla Mathews Brown

Amanda Burr 

Romina M. Fava

Cris Stephens 

Chantell  Sim

Indira Klotzer

Anita Cline

Hope Davis

Lorna Oxenham

Katie Gwinn

Andrea Ferenchik

Lindy Pfaff

Debbie - Would be nice to have settings when photos were taken.

Nikole Stewart - Love your work!!!

Sherry Walen - loved looking at all these….BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing

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